All about Pizzas

Okay.. Hope this helps

Traditional Pizza Dough
1 Cup – Water
1 Tbsp – Olive oil
2 1/2 Cups – bread flour
1 Tbsp – Sugar
1 tsp – Salt
1 tsp – active dry yeast

Cos I use the BM to prepare the dough, this is a 1:45H cycle, include knead and 2 rises.
For those experts using hand / mixer, pls adjust as appropriate when your dough rises.
After dough is done, it should be nice and soft to touch.

This dough amount is sufficient for 2 portions of pizza.. each measuring about a 30cm pizza pan.

Prepare the pizza
1) Oil the pizza pan lightly with olive oil
2) Heat oven at 180 degrees or 200 degrees (depending on your heat intensity)
3) Taking the ball of dough, pound with base of your hand slowly and flatten the dough evenly on the pan till the pizza base is formed. If you want a crust, leave a higher dough circumference at the edge of pan . Dough when flattened should pass the window pane test & not break . Try to ensure evenness of your dough over the pan.
4) Spread your base layer sauce (can use Gee’s home-made sauce below, or any tomato basil pizza sauce)
5) Sprinkle some cheese (either Moz or Parmesan is fine) over the base to enable the toppings to stay well
6) Prepare your toppings on pizza as desired (** suggestions below**)
7) Sprinkle generously your grated moz cheese over the entire pizza
8) Ta-Da.. pop into oven
9) Set timer for about 15 mins, you can then adjust accordingly depending on how crispy you want / browned.

** Some suggestions of Pizza topppings **

1) Magherita (plain)
– tomatoes, mozarella, fresh basil , mozarella bufalo

2) Spicy pepperoni
– Tomatoes,Mozearella, Spicy pepperoni slices (from FMP) , chili flakes, oregano (dried is ok)

3) Prosciutto Funghi with rocket salad
– Tomatoes, prosciutto (parma ham- bought from FMP), thinly sliced portobello mushrooms, oregano, sliced onions
– Top off with rocket leaves after it is baked

4) Ham & Mushroom
– tomatoes, cooked ham (I used shaved honey baked), thinly sliced portobello mushrooms, fresh basil.
– Pineapple is omitted as my kids do not like them 🙂

5) Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
– BBQ sauce, sliced chicken fillet (marinated with herbs), sliced onions, scallions
– I omitted fresh pineapples & chilli flakes

6) Porky
– tomatoes, pork sausages (can use johnsonville), smoked bacon, I added grated pecorino cheese for this dish (to hide the stronger pork taste)

That’s all I have tried gals 🙂 Hope this helps !

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