Shui Jiao (Dumplings)

Hi gals, the ingredients and steps for shui jiao soup (dumpling soup). I don’t measure the ingredients nor the seasoning…all “argahration” šŸ™‚

1. Minced pork
2. Diced prawns (some people prefer to put a full prawn or half sliced prawn in the shui jiao)
3. Diced mushrooms (if your kids like black fungus, you can use that instead as it will have a crunchier taste)
4. Finely chopped garlic (not too much as you do not want your shui jiao to taste too “garlicky”; unless if you intend to deep fry your shui jiao, then more garlic will enhance the taste)
5. Diced water chestnut (this gives the crunchy taste)
6. Shui jiao skin
7. 1 egg (if making many dumplings, then need to increase no. of eggs)
8. Soup base (e.g. chicken stock or ikan bilis soup base)
9. Onion shavings
10. Spring onions or cai xin

1. Soya sauce
2. Pepper
3. Sesame seed oil
4. Corn flour
5. Water

1. Put ingredients 1-5 into a mixing bowl.
2. Mix in seasoning 1-4.
3. Mix the ingredients and seasoning thoroughly.
4. Mix in the egg. Egg makes the filling smoother and more fragrant.
5. Mix in some cornflour – not too much as it may make the shui jiao too hard. Some cornflour will make the pork more tender.
6. Put the mixture into the fridge for a few hours (if no time, then just whack step 7…hah)
7. Put some filling onto the shui jiao skin and wrap it up.
8. To make a more secure seal, dab some water onto the edge of the skin and then fold in the edges…ehhh like those “curry pok” edges.
9. Put shui jiao into boiling water to cook (to get rid of the ghee taste from the shui jiao skin).
10. Put a few shui jiao into serving bowl and put in the soup base. If you are using cai xin, you would have boiled the cai xin in the soup base. If using spring onions, then garnish during serving.
11. Garnish with onion shavings.

Happy shui jiao wrapping!

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